favorites: boys with guitars

the gaslight anthem @ lincoln theatre

There are things that always make me happy, and I have three things to share from three people who bring me great joy today.

One: Josh Ritter’s genius double record Live At Iveaugh Gardens is free on NoiseTrade today. If this album fails to make you happy, please check your pulse.

Two: Brian Fallon says the next Gaslight record is going to be “the weird one”. Because he, himself, is a sincere weirdo, and I love him. Please bring unto me a “weird” Gaslight Anthem record, Brian Fallon. Please.

Three: Frank Turner has a new record coming out in April, and he released this brilliant fascinating hypnotizing might-cause-a-seizure-so-be-careful video for the next single, “Recovery”, behind “Four Simple Words”. Watch it. Love Frank. Be happy.

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