bombadil & the tender fruit @ cat’s cradle

bombadil @ the cradle

bombadil @ the cradle

Another magical Bombadil show at the Cradle; a full, sweet, lengthy set, and the new songs sound so fantastic. I can’t wait for their new record in July, and it is always a pleasure and never a chore to shoot their shows. They’re always warm, lovely affairs, full of good people and friends.

bombadil @ the cradle

Had a change to meet James from Ramseur Records, who I’ve corresponded with a great deal. He is also lovely, and shorter than I imagined.

bombadil cradle marriage proposal

I had the chance, my first opportunity, to document a marriage proposal, during the guitar break in Stuart Robinson’s charming and pointed “Question”.

the tender fruit @ the cradle

The Tender Fruit opened, and I also can’t wait for Christy Smith’s new record, due out soon. Her four piece band sounds fantastically tight these days, and it’s always a pleasure to see Elyse Thebner and Patrick Dyer Wolf playing with anyone, but especially Christy.

magic mike @ the cradle

Michael Casey blew minds in between sets.

Full set of photos are here.

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