scott h. biram @ local 506

scott h biram @ local 506

scott h biram @ local 506

I’m slowly working my way through Scott H. Biram’s back catalog; slowly enough that I don’t know the titles to most of the songs that he plays, but fast enough that I love the hell out of everything he does. A “one dirty old man band”, Scott is a great songwriter, and what he does sounds like the exact feeling of a raucous summer whiskey-soaked night. I saw him for the first time about this time last year, with Lydia Loveless down in Charlotte, and I fell in love then and there. I’m still in love.

I think that solo artists are indefensibly brave; I hide behind a camera, but they are just there, open. I love the way Scott ducks his head when he plays, as though in the moment he is the only one in the room. It’s staggering.

black eyed vermillion @ local 506

whiskey dick @ local 506

Black Eyed Vermillion and Whiskey Dick opened; talk about some shudderingly excellent cowpunk.

Full set is here.

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