song share: santa is an asshole

caswell county christmas lights

I lucked out: I was supposed to be at work today, but our handsome and benevolent president closed all federal offices in thanks for our hard work, so I’m not at work; I’m listening to holiday music and drafting blog posts at home. You might be at work, though, and I am sorry that you are; I wish I could close your office for you.

If you are at work, though, please join me: I am thoroughly enjoying New England songwriter Erin McKeown’s anti-holiday song, “Santa Is An Asshole”. You can stream it below. If you’re grumpy, it might make you laugh; if you’re not grumpy, it’ll probably still make you laugh. (It’s definitely NSFW either way, unless you have headphones or your boss is extremely awesome.)

McKeown is touring in the spring in support of her new record, Manifestra, out 1/15, and while she probably won’t play this then out of season laugher, the rest of her music is excellent, so you should go see her anyway.

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