admiral fallow @ local 506

admiral fallow @ local 506

animal parts @ local 506

erin rae @ local 506

john davie @ local 506

A double shot of Admiral Fallow photos today; Speakers in Code had the pleasure of hosting the charming Scottish indie rockers for two shows in Chapel Hill over the weekend. The first was Saturday night at the 506, and we had a great turn out including people Matt and I didn’t know. I really expected everyone who came to the show, or at least have Matt know them. Strangers! Came to our show! Strangers drove from Richmond to see Admiral Fallow!

It was awesome.

Erin Rae, from Nashville; John Davey, from West Lafeyette, IN; and Josh Cockerill, who plays as Animal Parts and is from Toronto, all joined us for the weekend, and they were all just as great as Admiral Fallow. It was a powerhouse weekend of fantastically talented songwriting and excellent humans.

Full set from the Saturday 506 show here. Fuck yeah, Admiral Fallow!

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