tift merritt @ carrboro town commons

tift merritt @ carrboro town commons

No way to make my heart swell with love for where I live than a free show outside on a perfect fall evening, featuring three of North Carolina’s most beloved. Tift Merritt made me cry (for some reason, “Mix Tape” just destroys me) and made me laugh, Megafaun blew the crowd away by swinging between gospel and Americana and space funk (Jordan explained space funk to me), and Mandolin Orange just get better and better, especially when they have Josh Oliver backing them up. A wonderful evening surrounded by friends, and thanks to Frank and the Cradle for making it happen.

Full set here.

tift merritt @ carrboro town commons

megafaun @ carrboro town commons

mandolin orange @ carrboro town commons


Author: brandnewkindof

Photographer, baseball fan, lover of rock music, sweet tea, chili cheese hotdogs, and Matt Wieters.

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