photo preview: the gaslight anthem @ cat’s cradle

the gaslight anthem @ cat's cradle

I’ll have photos up tomorrow and a full write-up on SIC on Monday, but this photo really says it all: my heart is aching and singing in a way that transcends words, and if you have never loved a band that much, so much that it makes you ache with longing and want and joy and gratitude, well. Well.

The Gaslight Anthem makes me feel all those ways; I will not see a better show this year*.

Because people are searching for it, the setlist from last night:

Great Expectations / 45 / Old White Lincoln / Even Cowgirls Get The Blues / Howl / Casanova, Baby! / The Diamond Street Church Choir / Here Comes My Man / I’da Called You Woody, Joe / Angry Johnny And The Radio / Blue Jeans & White T Shirts / Film Noir / American Slang / The Queen Of Lower Chelsea / Here’s Lookin’ At You Kid / The Backseat — > Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

She Loves You / Changing Of The Guards (Bob Dylan cover) / Senor And The Queen / Boomboxes and Dictionaries / We Came To Dance / ’59 Sound

It took me forever to identify “Film Noir” in my scribbled on a receipt set list, because it mostly appeared as “Lit Film Would Noomie”, which is what I get for writing in the dark.

* Okay, except for Josh Ritter with shep. in two weeks. Because Josh Ritter is pure joy in human form. Gaslight and Josh. And Two Cow Garage on July 31. I mean. If I could get a Mason Jennings show in between tonight and July 31, I could die happy on August 2. I don’t want to! But I could, I’m just saying.

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    And thank you so much for sending me the setlist ❤

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