death to false hope fest ii: if you had a time machine interviews

death to false hope fest ii

I took my tiny digital recorder, with the batteries inserted correctly this time, to DTFH Fest, and ran around asking people my favorite interview question: if you had a time machine, and could go back in time and see one show — either one you missed, or one you want to relive — what would it be? Answers and more photos behind the jump.

Rocky, Let Me Run: I’d really like to go back and see Jimmy Eat World and the Promise Ring when they were touring, when Jimmy Eat World was touring as the Promise Ring’s opener, instead of the other way around. Aside from that, I’d like to go back in time to, like, the mid-80s, and see Melissa Etheridge when she was playing bars in Long Beach, before she got her break.

Scotty, owner — Death to False Hope Records*: It would be Propagandhi, Avail, Fugazi and Say Anything at the Congress Theatre in Chicago in 2000.

[ed. note: for accuracy’s sake, Scotty actually said, “Uh, I run this thing.” :D]

Brayden, Capitalist Kids: If I could go back and see one show, it would be the Clash at the Roxy.

death to false hope fest ii: they stay dead

Chris, Punk editor: If I could go back and shoot any one show, it would be the Black Flag show in DC where Henry Rollins first started singing for the band, where he came on as a guest and from there just joined the band.

Kim, band spouse, Red Collar: I want to see the Beatles performing on the rooftop.

Beth, Red Collar: I would go back in time and see Rocket From The Crypt at Cat’s Cradle, I think it was in ’99.

Mike, Red Collar: If I was going to go back in time and go to a show, I would go to any of the Rites of Spring shows, which there weren’t very many of, in DC during that time, where they tended to break all of their stuff afterwards, even though they didn’t have any money to replace it, which I think is why there weren’t many Rites of Spring shows.

death to false hope fest ii

Jon, Red Collar: the Clash at Bond’s casino, New York City.

Jo, band spouse, Red Collar: Nick Cave at 9:30 Club in DC.

Chris, Banquets: [ed. note: I can’t get the band name from the crowd noise; Chris, if you want to clarify, email me!] at CB’s, they opened for All Out War, and I got stuck in traffic and I missed them, and they haven’t played since.

David, Banquets: Pink Floyd, the original Wall tour, where they built part of the wall in front of the band as they played.

Travis, Banquets: I’m six foot, I’m a teacher, and I would go back in time to see Ignite play on my graduation day in 2000 at the Trocadero.

death to false hope fest ii: arliss nancy

Bennett, Sour Boy Bitter Girl: I would go see Dylan get booed for going electric at the folk festival.

Cory, Arliss Nancy: The only thing I’d want to see from the past is to catch Bruce Springsteen on the Darkness On The Edge Of Town tour … I’ve seen Bruce as an old man, but to see him as a young buck, five hour set, tearing it up, that’s where I’d be.

Vegan Boy Josh, friend of Scotty Sandwich: If I had a time machine, I would go back to when the Clash was overbooked in New York … 13 in a row.

Ryan, Random Orbits: If I could go back in time, I can’t remember the year, but it was Death By Stereo and Stay Gold, it was called the Graceland, now it’s called the Corazon, in Seattle. I was crowd surfing for pretty much both sets, I had my shorts ripped to shreds.

death to false hope fest ii: timeshares

Tyler, Random Orbits: Rush, 2112 release show.

Jay, Timeshares: The show I really, really wanted to go to but missed, Philadelphia, 2010, Tom Petty, Lucero, and Drive-By Truckers.

Adam, Young///Savage: in 2003 or 2004, I went and saw Against Me and Smoke or Fire, it was in the Against Me! heyday, it never compares to any other show … as a musician, you’re like, I wish I could do something like that, and when you’re there, you know you’re part of something special. The reason I wish I could see it again, when they were done, I walked out the door, because I’d seen videos saying they hate encores … I can’t get back in because I’m not 21, and they started doing an encore … I’d stay for the encore.

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