langhorne slim @ the casbah

langhorne slim & the law @ the casbah

Langhorne Slim is, along with Josh Ritter, one of the most captivating live performers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, simply because being on stage, singing his songs, delighting an audience, seems to bring him such delight. He smiles, he spins in circles, he climbs the drum kick, he gets right up in the audience’s faces and encourages them to clap and dance and sing along.

langhorne slim & the law @ the casbah

And the crowd does — they pushed up close to the stage last night, creating a sweaty, swampy, happy atmosphere, and they sang along lustily to the new songs, and the old ones. Slim is a great showman in part because he can hold a crowd with the dancing singalongs as well as he can with the slower, sadder ones; for me one of the highlights of his evening’s set was “Colette”, a slow burner love song that always makes me cry, and the audience was pin-drop silent. (Of course, he segued directly into “The Way We Move” from that one, the gorgeous high-energy title track from his new album, which just proves my point.)

langhorne slim & the law @ the casbah

It had been two years since I’d seen Langhorne, but my love for his live show hadn’t diminished; it just grows, because he just keeps putting out kickass records and putting new songs into rotation with my old favorites. I didn’t keep a set list, but it was a great show — it was exactly the kind of high energy, happy, joyful celebration of music that I needed last night. Glorious.

I wrote about The Way We Move here and made the title track last week’s Jam of the Day at Speakers in Code. Full set, including Ha Ha Tonka’s set, is here.

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