red collar cd release party for ‘welcome home’

red collar @ motorco, 'welcome home' release party

I’ve been pretty lousy, over the last six weeks or so, at making it out to see local shows, which is generally something I pride myself on; mostly, because I’ve been broke and not able to cough up the five or ten bucks for door. Luckily, I bought a ticket to see Red Collar at Motorco ages ago, when I was not super broke, and I am damn sure glad I did it.

red collar @ motorco, 'welcome home' release party

Red Collar is and has been and will always be one of if not thebest straight up rock and roll band in the Triangle; maybe in the state of North Carolina. They took their time with Welcome Home and you can read about the process of making the record, or J making his solo record, plenty of other places. What I can tell you is the emotional resonance of hearing it live, in Durham, in a crowd whose happiness at hearing these songs was only outstripped by the happiness of the band to be playing them. Shows like this are why I work so hard to support local music — because no matter how great, how transcendant, how moving an out of town band might be, there isn’t anything like playing to a hometown crowd.

red collar @ motorco, 'welcome home' release party

Welcome Home, after all. That title couldn’t be more apt.

Photos from the whole night, including all three opens Maple Stave, Restorations, and Signals Midwest, are here.

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