shakori hills grassroots festival spring 2012

shakori hills spring 2012: holy ghost tent revival

Muchas gracias to Grant and the Bottom String (although to be fair, Grant pretty much is the Bottom String) for once again allowing me to scoot into the hippie zydeco-jam-band-roots-rock paradise that is Shakori Hills without paying for my ticket; I was out Thursday and Saturday (Sunday’s monsoon precluded my desire to stand in a field, knee deep in mud, and see Lydia Loveless, alas) and the full set is here.

Live music on beautiful spring nights is pure joy.

shakori hills spring 2012: donna the buffalo

shakori hills spring 2012: deep chatham

shakori hills spring 2012: elephant revival

shakori hills spring 2012: red clay ramblers

shakori hills spring 2012: curtis eller

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