make me think

early morning chapel hill

Inspiring me today:

  • PrismYard: a user-curated gallery of vintage cameras. Yum.
  • Prague Daily Photo: a long-time resident of my RSS reader, I’ve been craving a trip to Eastern Europe lately thanks to them.
  • These amazing photos from Dixie Pixel owner Tara Kneiser.
  • Esquire’s photo shoot with Jon Hamm. (More diner photoshoots pls. Fewer bathrooms shoots unless you’re brilliant.)
  • Everything about both This Is Colossal and Feature Shoot always delights me.
  • Every Everything, my buddy Gorman’s upcoming documentary feature about Grant Hart. And, well, Grant Hart. If you also are inspired by Grant Hart, go over and hit up the Kickstarter at that link.

I used to post weekly inspiration bursts; now most of my links go to Twitter instead. You can follow me for photography, music, and pop culture links; musings on what I want to eat and what songs are stuck in my head; and season-long commentary on Evan Longoria’s mullet, which I plan to give its own hashtag this year.

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