jonquil @ local 506

jonquil @ local 506

Jonquil, a smartly clever pop band from the UK, weren’t even on my radar before Monday — but when one of my favorite publicists asked me to sit down with them on Wednesday evening before their set, I was more than happy to do it. I’ll have the interview up on Monday, but for today I want to tell you that if you have the chance, over the next three weeks as they’re heading up the East Coast and then back to Texas before heading home to Oxford, go see them. They play joyous, shiny pop music; they’re all phenomenal musicians and frontman Hugo Manuel has a really compelling stage presence. Like their name, they have a warm and bright springtime sound; I’m looking forward to spending a great deal of time with their recently released third album Point of Go. Go see them. Make up for the fact that Chapel Hill sucked crowd-wise on Wednesday, yo.

Full set is here.

jonquil @ local 506

jonquil @ local 506

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