caveman @ local 506

caveman @ local 506

Caveman’s debut album, CoCo Beware, took at least the segment of the music blogging world that I read by storm at the end of 2011; their pounding, dreamy indie rock was the kind that you can dance to while still taking off on fairly amazing flights of fancy and guitar work. I wasn’t certain, however, how that sound — grounded but otherworldly, really — would translate live, because it’s the kind of music that can lose the magic of it when you take it off your headphones into the real world.

caveman @ local 506

Luckily, the guys in Caveman love what they do so much that the joy of the album does carry over — and more so. They take up a huge amount of space with their sound and their happiness onstage, and they made me want to groove. The crowd was, again, small — and now that I think about it, Carolina’s spring break is almost always the week of/before SXSW, which is crappy for all the touring bands who stop here on their way down to Austin — but a lot more engaged in the set than Gemma Ray’s audience had been the night before. The hipsters didn’t dance — but they looked like they were thinking about it, and that’s an accomplishment in Chapel Hill.

caveman @ local 506

If you haven’t checked out CoCo Beware, it’s highly recommended. Grooving and funny, it seemed out of place to me with a fall release last year. This is a spring record, all sunshine and drums and lilting harmonies, and last night’s set was a great promise of our spring to come here in the NC. I’m just sorry more people didn’t see it.

Full set here.

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