leland sundries @ the cave

leland sundries @ the cave

Leland Sundries is the brainchild of Brooklyn songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton; it’s a showcase for his exceptional songwriting, his wide-ranging musicality, and his excellent beard. On the recently released The Foundry EP, he takes on everything from a sea chanty about the burning of the Greenpoint warehouse district to a straight up country rocker about giving up redheads. The wordplay and the intelligence of writing on the EP intrigued and entertained me when I streamed it, and Loss-Eaton is even more charming and sharp-witted live.

Especially when playing to a crowd like he got last night, which was your standard Sunday night in Chapel Hill in February crowd, that is to say about a dozen people — which is a damn shame, people, because you missed one of the most compelling and funny sets I’ve seen all year, both from Loss-Eaton and from his guitarist-in-crime Jon Hildenstein, who opened with a set of phenomenal blues and soul numbers. Hildenstein is a spectacular guitarist.

leland sundries @ the cave

And at the end of Leland Sundries’ set, they absolutely destroyed a cover of “Eurotrash Girl” that made me laugh until I cried. The Foundry is some of the best songwriting you’ll hear this year, and Nick and Jon are just stellar on stage, musically and in charming banter.

Guess what, though, Triangle? You can still go see him. Nick and Jon will be playing as Leland Sundries at the Pinhook on Thursday (3/1) at 9PM, with Reese McHenry’s new project Lake & Hennepin. $5. Uncertain if you want to go? Stream the whole EP here.

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