dex romweber duo @ duke coffeehouse

dex romweber duo @ duke coffeehouse

spider bags @ duke coffeehouse

flesh wounds @ duke coffeehouse

Before February 1, I hadn’t set foot in Duke Coffeehouse in four years … circumstance, booking, a bad website, my inability to use Facebook, whatever. But now I’ve been there twice in 10 days, and both shows were great. Last night’s hardcore-punk-surferrockabilly triple bill was fantastic, just the short of shattering electric guitars that I needed to hear. Dex was great, as always; Dan McGhee of Spider Bags is one of the best songwriters in the Triangle; and Flesh Wounds, the new project from Montgomery Morris and Laura King, is a super promising hardcore trainwreck in the best way. Lucky, lucky, lucky to live here.

Full set here.

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