some army 7″ release show @ local 506

some army @ local 506

fan modine @ local 506

prypyat @ local 506

Some Army plays rattling, shining indie rock with clever lyrics and shimmering harmonies. Fan Modine makes some of the most melodic, danceable garage rock I’ve ever heard. And Prypyat plays songs that wouldn’t be out of place being done by Duncan Webster’s hard rocking Hammer No More The Fingers, except that he and Leah Gibson have orchestrated them into strange, whimsical, otherworldly acoustic folk songs. They don’t have much musically in common, except where they do; and that, that is the joy and glory of the Triangle, that these musically disparate bands can play a completely cohesive bill, and that musicians and fans who play similar music, and disparate music, and love all of it, will turn out to see them.

Last night I probably knew 75% of the people in the 506, and the funny thing was, all the people I knew and saw and hugged and caught up with, I wouldn’t have put them all in the same room together in my head. But they were there, and I love them, and they love our scene, and that is why the whole evening was magical.

You can get a digital version of the Some Army 7″ here. And look at all the photos from last night here.

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