ten more tracks from 2011 that i loved

local beer local bands: lilac shadows

Tracks that didn’t make the Christmas mix, for whatever reason, but got a lot of play from me, in no particular order and little to no commentary, but with a zip file [here]. More music I loved!

  • Cee-lo Green, “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care”: from the Buddy Holly tribute album, we all know I think the world needs more Buddy Holly covers and this was the best on the disc.
  • Lydia Loveless, “Steve Earle”: the funniest damn song this year.
  • Jason Isbell, “Alabama Pines”: I thought the rest of this album sucked, but I loved the hell out of this track.
  • the Drive-By Truckers, “Weakest Man”: I have been waiting years for Mike Cooley to record this track, and then he did, with a sexy little shuffle and an accordian and maaaaan, I love it.
  • the Donkeys, “I Like The Way You Walk”: man, this was a great album that got very little press.
  • Old Man Markley, “Guts ‘n’ Teeth”: the title track from the best bluegrass punk album of 2011.
  • Josh Ritter, “Harrisburg”: from the Live at the Iveagh Gardens disc, this has the most amazing surprise in the middle of it.
  • the Head & the Heart, “Coeur d’Alene”: from the re-release of their self-titled, this made me cry in the car repeatedly.
  • Glossary, “The Flood”: another weeper.
  • the Baseball Project, “Panda and the Freak”: clever kitschy songs about baseball, yes, please.

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  1. Maja says:

    Thanks, darlin’. I’m looking forward to both this and your Christmas mix!

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