dex romweber duo @ nightlight

dex romweber duo @ nightlight

dex romweber duo @ nightlight

Last night Dex started his set by telling the crowd that, when he was 15, he used to see shows in this room. It’s true — the Nightlight’s space was the original Cradle space, before Frank bought it and moved it to Carrboro. I never saw a show there (too young!) but the sincere sentimentality in Dex’s voice when he talked about Jason & the Scorchers playing there, and how he and his sister Sara both played there, was priceless to me. It’s why I live here. It’s why I’m in the planning stages of the (secret) project I’m, well, in the planning stages of.

(I wonder if it was such a sucking pit of light when it was the Cradle. Seriously, I’m buying the Nightlight two additional light bulbs for Christmas.)

What Dex is doing with his sister Sara as Dex Romweber Duo is the same kind of sincere homage to the past; his new album, the spectacular Is That You In The Blue? is a fusion of every sound he’s made in every band he’s played in in the Triangle — surf rock and blues, the early strains of indie rock and jangly pop songs. Sara is a miracle on drums, Dex is one of the best guitarists in the Triangle, and the show was lovely. It is always a pleasure to watch Dex play, and last night was no exception.

Phil Cook & his Feat and the Dogwoods opened; full set is here.

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  1. Charlie Pickett says:

    Thanks for the report.

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