local beer local bands: gross ghost & lilac shadows

local beer local bands: gross ghost

local beer local bands: lilac shadows

local beer local bands: exquisite corpse @ tir na nog

A lovely pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday night LBLB with two of my recent local favorites: the dreamy indie-post-pop of Sam Logan’s Lilac Shadows (Sam was the brains behind the excellent Huguenots; Lilac Shadows is his latest project) and the über-catchy garage punk of Gross Ghost. Wild psych screamo punk outfit Exquisite Corpse opened. I hadn’t been to Raleigh in at least six weeks if not more, and to LBLB in at least a year, but this was a great excuse to do both. shep. and I yelled at the Duke/Kansas game, I took photos and listened to excellent music, and got to see a bunch of people I’m super fond of. Isn’t that what this holiday weekend is about, anyway? Basketball, local rock, and good people?

I mean, for one: they’re all things I’m grateful for. So there’s that.

It was a good night, is what I mean. Full set is here.

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