josh ritter @ mcglohon theatre

josh ritter @ mcglohon theatre

The only word for last night’s solo acoustic Josh Ritter show is “magical”. It was sheer magic, like he always is, and it was perfect.

Setlist: Come And Find Me/Rumours/Me & Jiggs/Wolves/Southern Pacifica/You Don’t Make It Easy Babe/Folk Bloodbath/Rattlin’ Locks/Harrisburg/Sweet Water (? new song)/Girl In The War/What Happened To The Girl I Knew*/In The Dark/Galahad/New Lover Now (? new song)/Best For The Best/Monster Ballads/Kathleen/To The Dogs (Or Whoever)/Change of Time

Encore: Bone Of Song/Hard Times Come Again No More (w/ Sarah Harmer)/Snow Is Gone

(This is the only photo I took. The venue didn’t allow them, but I snuck it, and, you know, I’m learning when to put the camera down, too.)

* this was a love song to sarah palin written after he discovered the university of idaho law school graduated her. it was hilarious.

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