architecture in helsinki @ cat’s cradle

architecture in helsinki @ cat's cradle

architecture in helsinki @ cat's cradle

Sometimes, I’m not going to lie, I take jobs because I like a band’s name, or I figure the shots will be interesting, or I’m simply curious about what the deal is. Last night’s Architecture in Helsinki show at the Cradle was a little of all three; I didn’t know much about the band (and by “much” I mean “zip”) but it seemed like one of those shows that would be fun, so when a chance to shoot it came my way, I took it.

architecture in helsinki @ cat's cradle

And it was. It wasn’t just fun, it was a fucking blast. Architecture in Helsinki is, of course, a long-standing six-piece electro-indie-dance-pop from Australia, with a handful of albums under their belt and a great reputation for live shows — and when they danced onto stage at 11pm, the whole crowd went wild and with good reason: one of the most fun bands I’ve ever shot. Hand claps and whirling dancing on stage, synchronized moves and bass-heavy beats that you can’t stop from moving to, the entire set was a whirl of me trying to shoot while I grooved at the same time. This show was flat-out fun, and Architecture in Helsinki makes clever, catchy, fun music. Not everything is serious, and not everything is a statement.

architecture in helsinki @ cat's cradle

To be honest, the world is kind of getting me down lately, mostly because the world is basically shit lately. But last night, and over the weekend, for brief moments, I turned off the part of me that’s heartbroken and heartsick at the state of humanity, and I danced. And sometimes you’ve just got to watch six people from Australia shake their asses on stage, making pop music that isn’t for anything other than dancing. Sometimes you just gotta close your eyes and shake your ass.

DOM @ cat's cradle

lo-fi-fnk @ cat's cradle

Both opens were great, too; DOM, who’re managed by my buddy Hoppie (see also: bar manager of the 506 extraordinaire, my partner in summer bathroom painting), plays super catchy and super intense pop-punk and had a smoke machine and crazy hair, and Lo Fi Fnk were a couple of teeny dudes from Sweden who made insanely grooving dance pop, and who were sincerely disappointed and confused that the crowd in the Thrill wasn’t really into dancing with them. I thought they were great, though. I danced!

Full set is here, and is worth checking out if I can brag on myself a little; I shot the everloving shit out of the show last night. The light last night was amazing, although the best spot seemed to be focused at the lead singer’s ankles. Architecture in Helsinki has extra-sexy ankles, I guess.

Big ups to Kabeer at Girlie Action who hooked me up with tickets, and to Hoppie who only blinked twice when I asked him to get me backstage during AiH’s set so I could shoot the crowd from the sound booth. They are more excellent than me.

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