wild flag @ cat’s cradle

wild flag @ cat's cradle

wild flag @ cat's cradle

wild flag @ cat's cradle

I can’t summon words for how powerful it was to stand at the edge of the Cradle stage and watch these four amazing women rock the place to the ground. They were fierce and frenetic and they were so fucking good, they are all such great musicians, and it was a pleasure and a privilege to watch them make rock and roll like it was a religious experience.

Full set, including shots of Eleanor Friedberger, here.

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  1. Brian Jones says:

    Thanks for the photos! I was at the show, and it was fucking righteous…and that cover of Television’s See No Evil for the encore was amazing. Eleanor was much better than I was expecting, reminded me so much of Patti Smith that I was hoping for Ask the Angels

  2. danielnoon says:

    I stumbled across your Wild Flag photos (great shots!) and I was wondering if you had to get a press pass? I’m seeing them next Monday in DC and would like to shoot the show but haven’t had any luck getting a response. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


    1. I didn’t, but Chapel Hill is very different from DC in that way; the CH equivalents of the 9:30 Club and the Black Cat are very camera friendly and I rarely need a press pass when I don’t have one, if that makes sense. So sorry — can’t really give you advice on that front, but I hope you get it worked out! Good luck — Wild Flag is amazing live.

  3. danielnoon says:

    no, that’s good to hear. 930 club leaves the photo policy up to the band so hopefully that means I’ll be OK… I can’t wait for the show 🙂

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