mc chris — race wars tour @ cat’s cradle

mc chris @ cat's cradle

I shouldn’t even really put mc chris in the title here, because I won’t front: we were there to see Adam WarRock and Tribe One, who were the first opener; but it was mc chris’s headlining, so it makes search hits easier. Or something.

I didn’t expect to go to the Cradle last night and have a bad time; I expected, maybe, to go to the Cradle and be wincingly disappointed for Euge and Niles because the crowd wasn’t as big as some of the sell-outs they’ve had elsewhere (and be vaguely pissed off at the Thrill because of it), or to go to the Cradle and find all the other artists on the bill painfully earnest or cheesy or something. But I went to the Cradle, and I had a blast. It’s not a scene I gravitate to, like I said in my post Saturday, but it was a hell of a good time, and I’d go see all four-five-six guys on the bill again. (If you count Tribe One and the Thought Criminals, who jammed with Adam WarRock, it was six artists total.) Nerdcore: who knew?

adam warrock @ cat's cradle

tribeone w/ adam warrock @ cat's cradle

I want to talk about Euge first, because Euge is my friend, and I have to say, I stood in the second row of a pretty full crowd in the Cradle, surrounded by people in costume and leaning up against shep. sometimes and being the only ones who sang along to all the songs (because Mr. WarRock’s included, for example, his groovin’ Bieber mash-up “June (My Baby)”, which is my second favorite Adam WarRock track after “100 Bars”, and shep.’s favorite) — I stood there, in this venerable venue, in one of my favorite places in the world, with my best friend, and watched another friend absolutely destroy it. I watched Euge work that crowd, as a first open, right into the palm of his hand, including a whole bunch of costumed nerds who glowered and scowled when he mentioned Bieber. The last time I saw Euge perform was last year, at Chapel Hill Comics. This year, it was the huge stage of the Cradle, and he ripped it up. He was amazing, and I was thrilled and proud and I grooved my ass off. The tour has eight dates left; go out, East Coast, and get there for all the openers.

megaran @ cat's cradle

MegaRan and his partner K-Murdock were next, and they did an absolutely killer set of raps and swears about old school video games — Little Nemo and Final Fantasy VII and MegaMan. Ran is a great guy — shep. and I got to meet him in the afternoon — and he was fantastic on stage. MC Lars was charming in a nerdy white boy sort of way, and I was deeply smitten by the fact that he’s releasing an EP all about Edgar Allen Poe later this fall. (I also informed shep. that I think that the whale is the only sympathetic character in Moby Dick.) And I really, really dug his rap about history’s biggest assholes, because it made me laugh like a loon.

mc chris was last, and, fact: we did not stay for his whole set. But I was amazed by him, this normal looking dude in a hoodie who had complete domain over all those costumed hipster nerds from the minute he stepped on stage; they knew all the words and all the callbacks, and they tried really hard to get the hiphop arm bounce right. (Chapel Hill and Carrboro have trouble with not clapping on the 1 and 3, if you know what I’m saying about our sense of rhythm as a collective.) It was an experience; a pretty awe-inspiring one, actually. And mc chris is good, really, really good. I don’t necessarily get all of it, but I can recognize talent when I see it. That’s talent.

But mostly I was just really proud of Euge. Because he’s awesome.

Full set is here.

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