race wars: touring out of my comfort zone

adam warrock @ chapel hill comics

I met Euge, better known in the nerdcore hip hop scene as Adam WarRock, through shep., who got to know Euge through … comics? Baseball? I don’t actually know! But last year, Euge was touring comic book stores behind his (spectacular) debut LP The War For Infinity, and his first booking was Chapel Hill Comics — and our living room. He crashed with us a couple of times last year and this year, on tours and in moving his whole life from the East Coast to Tennessee.

Euge is kind of my hero, actually, you guys: his story is that last year he decided to quit his full-time law job — because he’s fucking brilliant, too, of course — to write songs and perform as a nerdcore artist full-time. He’s spent the year and a half since touring like a maniac, playing conventions and comic books stores, and, finally, big venues as an open on mc chris’s race wars tour. The tour that’s going on right now. The tour that’s playing the Cradle on Sunday, 10/16. It’s not like I’ve never seen friends play the Cradle, of course — but Euge will be my first out of town friend to come through on a tour and play the Cradle. I’m kind of ridiculously excited.

Because what Euge has done for me is not only be my hero in running a creative small business and absolutely killing at making art his life, but he’s turned me on to this whole music scene I had no idea about. Nerdcore? Nerdcore hiphop? I’m listening to a whole hiphop mixtape about Firefly laid over the Firefly score and it’s brilliant? I had no idea.

I’m sure plenty of you did, or do, or are already planning to be at the show at the Cradle on Sunday night. But I didn’t, and I’m eternally grateful to shep. for introducing me to Euge, and Euge for introducing me to this whole world I didn’t know about. I picked up race wars just because Euge was touring with mc chris, and it’s fantastic; catchy as hell and smart as hell and really wonderful. And I don’t shoot much hiphop of any kinds — I think the last time I shot a hiphop show was when Euge was at CH Comics … last year. So shep. and I’ll be in the front row of the Cradle on Sunday night, for a guy we adore — but, for me, to see a show I wouldn’t have seen, this time last year.

You can grab Adam WarRock’s Browncoats mixtape for free here. Check it out, because it’s awesome. mc chris w/ MC Lars, Mega Ran, and Adam WarRock are at the Cradle 10/16, 8:30, $15. Don’t want to do that? Mega Ran and Adam WarRock will do sets at CH Comics at 1PM same day. DO IT. DO IT OR I WILL KICK YOUR ASS.

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