carter tanton — freeclouds

shakori hills grassroots festival fall 2011

As someone smart said to me this week, headliners get all the love; the War On Drugs is playing a highly publicized and anticipated show at Kings tonight (I will not be there … once again, car issues), but opener Carter Tanton is the one I’ve been paying attention to. Ex-Tulsa frontman Tanton has just put out his first solo effort, the aptly named Freeclouds, which is a lovely mix of grounded acoustic guitars and laid back drumming, electronic keyboards, and Tanton’s dreamy-distant voice, singing songs about fucked up boys and sad girls. It’s the sort of album to lie in bed next to someone you’re fond of with, on a rainy Saturday in the fall, which makes it the perfect day for all of y’all to get your butts out to Kings tonight in time to see his set. Maybe take somebody you love and kiss them. It’s good for that.

Still not certain? Download lead single “Murderous Joy”, which is my favorite track on the album.

Carter Tanton opens for the War on Drugs at Kings Barcade, Raleigh, tonight at 9:30 pm. Get tickets in advance for $10 or at the door for $12, but don’t wait, because I think this one is going to be a sell-out. Do it for me, since I can’t be there.

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