the magnolia collective @ the station

the magnolia collective @ the station

the magnolia collective @ the station

What do you do when you see the same band, every month, at the same venue? And they’re a band you love, but there’s only so many photos of Mimi’s fantastic shoes that you can take? A dedication to local music pushes me as a photographer; I have to find a way to get new shots of the same bands over and over again. So last night I switched to black and white, stopped my shutter way down, and let myself look for the light and the motion. I think it worked, didn’t you?

MagCo is getting ready to release their first EP in the fall; they’ve gone from side project cover band of a bunch of talented people with a semi-rotating cast to a tight five piece who’re playing as many originals as they are covers these days, and they’re good originals, too. Of course they are — Daniel Snyder is a fantastic songwriter, and Rich McLaughlin is one of the best guitarists in the Triangle. Bet your ass the EP’s going to be great.

LUD @ the station

LUD opened, and the only reason I had never seen them before is because I was deeply, deeply convinced they were a metal band. They were not. They can play the shit out of their guitars, though.

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