more search strings, summer edition

locally grown: the big picture

Because the internet exists, I continue to get great search strings. Behind the jump, people were seriously concerned about booze at the ACC tournament (it was there!), interested in goats, and just plain weird.

  • how to wish someone happy anniversary at wrigley field: call the Cubs’ PR department, but what with no Jumbotron, you might be out of luck.
  • serving beer at acc baseball tournament 2011? and is beer served during the acc baseball championship and is alcoholic beverages being served at the acc tournament at durham bulls ballpark: Yes, it was. Jeez, you guys are into getting hammered.
  • two sentence reveiw of a song: right here!
  • “small southern university towns”: I live next to one!
  • brand for goats: based on the place out on NC54 that we drive past on the way to Greensboro, I recommend a buy one, get one free business model for goats.
  • how to visit all baseball stadiums: win the lottery and quit your job! Or, make it a life goal and spread those visits out. Next summer I hope to hit Miller Park and Target Field when I go back to the Midwest for my 10 year college reunion.
  • why take photos in an empty swimming pool: because empty swimming pools are amazingly gorgeous.
  • american aquarium “the whore song” meaning: well, see, BJ was angry about getting dumped, and he wrote that song, and besides, we’re supposed to call it “I Hope He Breaks Your Heart” now.
  • evan longoria mullet: he had one last year! It was when his mohawk was growing out, and it was horrifying.
  • draft 2011 from uva baseball: the Mariners drafted at least three of them: Danny Hultzen; Hultzen’s long-time batterymate John Hicks; and at-least-he’s-handsome 3B Stephen Proscia.
  • where does jim avett practice music on tuesday and thursday nights: no idea, and also that’s creepy, internet stalker.
  • pics using a ghost as a tent: this one is a little out of my realm of “things I can make happen for you”, but maybe try a paranormal investigator.
  • ryan bingham false teeth and does ryan bingham have dentures: yes, he has them. He lost most or all of his original teeth bullriding before he quit to play musician.
  • i love dustin ackley: that’s nice, but you’re gonna have to get in line behind my roommate, who has prior claim to that young man ahead of everyone but his mama.
  • baseball photography -“.edu” -“.gov” -“.org”: are there a lot of baseball photos on government websites?

Also, everyone who keeps searching for downloads of Slingshot Cash’s From Aftermath to Exile: hitting my blog looking to not pay the Cowboy for his album is the wrong place to go. Go buy that shit.

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