chimneys @ nightlight

chimneys @ nightlight

I was looking forward to Brooklyn indie-folkers Chimneys’ set at Nightlight last night anyway, because their debut EP The Antarctic is my favorite release with that word in the title since Modest Mouse’s The Moon & Antarctica, but I was not expecting to be as blown away as I was — and I was absolutely staggered by the hour long set Chimneys rambled through last night. Antarctica is soaring and full of complex guitar work, but watching Alex and Pete play all those guitar parts, noises I genuinely didn’t know a guitar could make, live, it was just mind-blowing. Brooklyn is Brooklyn and indie folk is indie folk, and any of those words could convince you of a sound and a look in advance of hearing this band, but seriously: Chimneys, like I wrote about the Love Language two years ago, are about to be huge.

And if they’re not, it’s because people are stupid.

Tuesdays in July in the Thrill are never a great bag for touring bands, especially touring bands who haven’t played the CH before, but the tiny crowd at the Nightlight was quietly polite and seemed genuinely appreciative. Chimneys should draw here, and I’d love to see them have a great audience the next time they come through.

Their EP is available here, and you should buy it.

the tender fruit @ nightlight

Durham’s Christy Smith, who performs as the Tender Fruit, opened; I’ve wanted to catch her since last year’s gorgeous album Flotsam & Krill, but I kept missing my chances. She was lovely last night, self-deprecating and funny, and “Willing Partner” is such a gorgeous, heartbreaking, romantic song. A lovely, quiet, shivery night.

Full photo set here.

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