the devil makes three @ cat’s cradle

the devil makes three @ cat's cradle

mandolin orange @ cat's cradle

Haven’t seen a great roots show at the Cradle since last fall’s Punch Brothers set, and it was a delight to see the Devil Makes Three play to an almost full house last night. Before their set, I assumed that the crowd was primarily there to see beloved local open Mandolin Orange, and while they certainly were, they were also there to see the Vermont trio, without a doubt. I love a roots band that can play without a drummer, and TDM3 manages it, thanks mostly to bassist Lucia Turino. (I also love all lady bassists like whoa.) The crowd even danced a little, which as we all know is a rarity in the CH and any bands that manage it deserve extra credit. Their tour stretches on toward the Newport Folk Festival, so catch ’em if you can.

Mandolin Orange opened, and frankly, having seen Andrew play quite a bit in the last month with various projects, I can say that he may be the only mandolin player I’ve seen working today who could give the aforementioned Punch Brothers’ Chris Thile a run for his money in talent. Andrew and Emily are sounding exceptional lately, and I can’t wait to hear their upcoming album, out in September.

(According to WordPress, this is my 666th post! Appropriate that it is about the Devil Makes Three, then, huh?)

Full set is here; some good ones from last night, so check it out.

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