dale earnhardt jr jr @ local 506

dale earnhardt jr jr @ local 506

— If you put Pet Sounds and Portishead’s Dummy in a blender, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr is the metaphorical salad dressing that would result, and I don’t just think that because they do a loopily lovely and genuine cover of “God Only Knows” as a staple of their set.

— Sense memory, recent: Ash’s brother B. was the person who played me DEJrJr first, and when they kicked into “God Only Knows” last night I thought about driving from Folly Beach to Charleston in his Subaru in the rain, heading to his sister’s rehearsal dinner a few weeks ago. I’m fond of that kid, no lie.

— Sense memory, long-standing: “God Only Knows” always makes me cry, no matter who sings it.

— Frozen over, Hell: the hipsters danced their asses off last night, both to the (excellent, from the small part of their set I saw) opener Generationals and to DEJrJr, too. It was pretty awesome to watch.

— I had to file my emails about painting the women’s bathroom at the 506 under “professional” because creating a label called “dumbass shit I said to Hoppie while I was drinking PBR” for one email thread seemed like overkill.

— Full photo set here.

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