two cow garage @ kings

two cow garage @ kings

My beloved Two Cow Garage is touring as a three piece these days; subtract the keys, and their punk rock roots — and I wrapped myself up in Black Flag and I flew it as my own — start showing in a completely obvious way. They played for a scorching hour last night, Micah and Shane throwing themselves all over that big stage and Cody behind the drums, grinning like a jack-o-lantern and keeping them both on pace and under control.

I kept a setlist but then I dropped my phone and popped the battery out before I hit save in Evernote, so I lost it. But I can tell you that they did “Swingset Assassin”, a gorgeous almost a capella version, and “Should’ve California”, which made me cry, two of my favorite of Micah’s songs that they don’t drag out much these days. The crowd was still too small, but too small does mean “Two Cow takes requests”, which I never complain about. They sounded fantastic, as always. They’re great humans, as always. It was a lovely, lovely night.

Full photo set here.

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