dax riggs @ local 506

dax riggs @ local 506

There’s something deeply soothing to me about Dax Riggs’ complex, gothic garage rock; he’s a great musician and his voice sounds like oil slicks under a car, and I can absolutely zone out on the sound of his music, just completely blissed out on rock and roll. That’s how the show at the 506 was last night — a zoned out, tranced out zen place for me. I accidentally encouraged two underage hippies to start a mosh pit, but me, myself, I was just at peace with my earplugs in and my beer in my hand.

Locals Stella Lively, the bastard offspring of ’60s Muscle Shoals R&B and ’70s Detroit rock, opened, and they, too, were kickass in a way that just set my mind at ease. I’ll absolutely go see them again.

Full set here.

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