happy national poetry month

college baseball: clemson @ unc, game 1

159 Ways To Get On Base (Zach Hample)

Squib, squirt, nub, chop,
Drive, line, send, pop.

Lift, loft, lace, lash,
Scald, slice, serve, slash.

Slap, swat, belt, smack,
Loop, bloop, bounce, whack.

Fist, flare, muscle, mash,
Deliver, doink, unload, smash.

Rifle, plaster, pepper, jack,
Rip, rope, deposit, crack.

Push, pull, clobber, knock,
Bash, tag, tattoo, sock.

Flick, drag, crush, crank,
Tomahawk, poke, scorch, spank.

Shoot, punch, hammer, stroke,
Fly, sky, rocket, smoke.

Golf, hook, slam, rap,
Dribble, whistle, cork, tap.

Cream, juice, punish, drill,
Maul, whip, pummel, kill.

Shellac, ram, crunch, slip,
Strike, nick, powder, tip.

Roll, skip, inside-out,
Guide, place, blister, clout.

Uncork, nail, volley, rake,
Cue, foul, top, take.

Wallop, clock, sting, pound,
Paste, launch, tee, ground.

Elevate, zap, dink, club,
Skim, starch, wattle, drub.

Jerk, jolt, hack, chip,
Thunder, lather, lambaste, clip.

Float, nudge, squeeze, squeak,
Buzz, tear, deaden, sneak.

Bang, blast, yank, dunk,
Flip, flight, slug, plunk.

Rock, scoop, hoist, drop,
Park, spray, power, plop.

Work, put, rattle, thump,
Curl, sizzle, bludgeon, dump.

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