oberhofer & cloudlines @ local 506

oberhofer @ local 506

Straight up: all I knew about Oberhofer before last night was that Brad and Pete were supremely charming guys; I shot their interview with Speakers In Code back in February, but missed their following set at the Cradle for another show. I was delighted last night, though, when they took the stage to play the kind of big drums bombastic guitar eminently danceable guitar pop that I am super into right now. They remind me, a little, of the sunny kind of indie pop that the Morning Benders play, with more New York City rough edges and less California surfer jangle. They got the uber-polite Chapel Hill crowd off the benches and their asses, and even if there wasn’t dancing — how wasn’t there dancing? All it made me want to do was groove — there was a lot of polite nodding along, which is a lot for a crowd in the Thrill.

(And they’re still super great guys; Brad gave me a huge hug when he saw me, and who ever remembers the photographer? Brad Oberhofer, y’all. A+ dude.)

cloudlines @ local 506

Cloudlines opened, and they sounded even better and tighter than they did at the Megafaun show back in January; Abby has an extraordinary voice and Lalitree’s no slouch herself, they write hooky big guitar pop songs, and the rhythm section is exceptional. Locals, I know you all know these guys mostly from their work behind cameras, but their work on stage is just as awesome. Don’t miss their next show. Seriously.

Full photo set is here, both Oberhofer and Cloudlines.

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