superchunk @ the cradle

superchunk @ the cat's cradle

superchunk @ the cat's cradle

superchunk @ the cat's cradle

Yesterday at work I uttered the phrase “Superchunk are the elder statesmen of Triangle rock” and then had to explain the term “elder statesmen”, so I didn’t bother with explaining the rest of it, but they are: in his 40s, Mac still rocks harder than most of the kids in the Triangle today. Jim Wilbur is amazing. Jon Wurster may be the best drummer working right now. And Laura Ballance, after all these years, is still one of my goddamn heroes.

They rocked my face off. It was an fantastic night, and to quote shep., I hope that Superchunk shows at the Cradle never stop feeling this amazing or special, or taken for granted. I hope they always feel like they did last night, like I wanted them to when I was 14 and I first fell in love with “Driveway To Driveway” and wanted nothing more in life than to live in the Thrill and see concerts.

Full photo set here.

Setlist courtesy @mergerecords: Learned To Surf/My Gap Feels Weird/Detroit Has A Skyline/The Cursed Mirror/Rope Light/Rosemarie/Silver Leaf & Snowy Tears/The Question is How Fast/The Breadman/Crossed Wires/Digging for Something (w/ John Darnielle!)/Driveway to Driveway/The First Part/Martinis on the Roof/Slack Motherfucker/Everything At Once. Encore 1: Like a Fool/Hyper Enough/Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover). Encore 2: Punch Me Harder/Cast Iron/Precision Auto/Throwing Things.

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