paleface & mo @ the pour house

paleface & mo @ the pourhouse

Paleface & Mo played to a small — rainy Thursday, a huge show at Kings down the street –but enthusiastic crowd at the Pour House last night, and unlike other shows I’ve hit lately, I knew it wouldn’t be a disappointment, and it wasn’t. The set was short, just over an hour, but packed with all my favorites from the new album, including a great version of “She’s So”, a song that’s perfectly lovely in that Mo doesn’t sing on it. She just has to drum her heart out and grin and know that song is about how much of a badass she is, and I love the hell out of that.

It was a quieter kind of night; Paleface took a few requests, including one from Ash for a heartbreakingly lovely version of “Brooklyn Girl”, and he mostly played from a chair: “My knees are hurting from too much dancing”. It was low key and intimate, which is how the new album feels to me, so it was pretty perfect in that respect. A shorter set than I might have preferred — I could listen to the two of them play together for just about ever, and they’re sounder tighter and more closely linked more so now than ever before — but it was really just about spotless. Paleface even got up, damn the knees, for show closer “The Show Is On The Road” (as always, the spot-on show closer, too), and they knocked that one out of the park.

It was a great show; it felt very personal and very close-up, and I love that in a show. I can’t wait for them to come back to the Triangle. Full photo set here; a few more shots behind the jump.

paleface & mo @ the pourhouse

paleface & mo @ the pourhouse

paleface & mo @ the pourhouse

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