hockey: leafs @ canes

hockey: maple leafs @ hurricanes

hockey: maple leafs @ hurricanes

The NHL All-Star Game is in Raleigh at the RBC Center this weekend. I don’t really care about hockey, frankly; I like to watch it live because it moves fast and it’s totally different to shoot than baseball and sometimes huge dudes punch each other in the face, which is always a good time. But Raleigh, understandably, is excited about the game. On the radio Monday, they were talking about how Wayne Gretzky is already in town, and I realized that I would be totally unaware if I walked into Wayne Gretzky on the street, so I looked at pictures of him on the internet. I’m not going within ten miles of downtown Raleigh this weekend anyway, but, you know, if he ends up at Carrburritos or something, I’m prepared. I could pick Wayne Gretzky out of a lineup!

I was in a rotten mood on Monday, and all I wanted from the Leafs/Canes game was some awesome fighting. I got it: the bottom picture is a photo of Chad LaRose getting his ass absolutely whooped by some random Leaf. It was great.

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  1. seenonflickr says:

    Possible that’s Clark MacArthur. He tends to punch people a lot.

    1. Later Tim Gleason broke a Leafs’ nose! There was blood everywhere! IT WAS AWESOME.

      I think I have a clearer shot of the Leafs’ player’s jersey at home. I’ll double check it.

      1. seenonflickr says:

        Someone’s nose got broken? I had not heard that! Dude.

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