tribute to hank williams and townes van zandt

tribute to hank & townes: slingshot cash

tribute to hank & townes

  • Townes Van Zandt wrote a lot of super depressing songs. I mean, they’re great — they’re spectacular. But they are SUPER FANTASTIC DEPRESSING, some of them. Jeez, Townes.
  • The Magnolia Collective covered “Waiting Around To Die” in the best version of that song I have heard in a long, long time; but nobody did “Pancho & Lefty” or “For The Sake Of The Song” or “If I Needed You”, the last being my favorite song Townes ever. Which was weird, I guess — I love a good deep cut as much as anybody, but I expected to hear “Pancho & Lefty” because, well, it’s “Pancho & Lefty”.
  • Hank was well represented than Townes. Although I’m pretty sure that at least one of the people who played last night literally walked off the street when he saw the show announcement and then played Hank songs. Which was awesome.
  • I am stupidly fond of American Aquarium’s pedal steel player, because I am stupidly fond of him as a human, but Nathan Golub is the best steel player in the Triangle.
  • I really, really love where I live. I love that this show happened. I love that the Cowboy thought to put the whole thing together. I love how many people were into it.
  • f1.4 is far superior to f1.8. And the Nightlight replaced all their red lightbulbs with blue lightbulbs! It’s a goddamned New Year’s miracle.
  • That was an A++ way to kick off 2011 indeed. Peaceful and lovely.

Full photo set here.

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