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Shorter and less obsessed-over (than tomorrow’s epic work of art top albums list) lists of great EPs and 7″s, and tracks I loved in 2010. (I totally made the first list so I could put Frank’s EP and the Graves’ EP on it.)

Top EPs and 7″ Releases of 2010

  1. Frank Turner — Rock and Roll: “I Still Believe”, and “Pass It Along”, and agggggh, this EP. Made me cry at work the first time I listened to it. Still does.
  2. The Roadside Graves — You Won’t Be Happy With Me: “Liv Tyler” is my favorite track of 2010. See below.
  3. The Gaslight Anthem — Tumbling Dice 7″: dear Gaslight, please cover the Stones forever and ever, amen.
  4. The Honored Guests — Into Nostalgia: one of the only local releases on any of my lists, but fuck, this EP is great. I need to pick up their full-length
  5. Centro-matic/South San Gabriel — Eyas: Will Johnson, you are a beautiful genius.

Aside from “Lydia”, which has the best opening lines of any song released in 2010, this is my Top 10 Favorite Tracks From Releases Not On My Best Of Albums List.

  1. The Roadside Graves — “Liv Tyler”: and i don’t know whose baby you are
  2. Ghost Shirt — “Southern Girl”: to a southern girl with a busted heart/just pumping out gasoline/with a family of ghosts and a punk rock dream
  3. American Aquarium — “Rattlesnake”: you could tell she had a history with cigarettes and whiskey and boys who had a way with words
  4. Two Cow Garage — “Lydia”: i want to be in love like an old soul song/i want to feel like the second verse of let’s get it on
  5. Two Man Gentleman Band — “Put It In My Ear (When You Make That Music)”: it’s a man with a man playing music/that will cause you to rise up and say/”friend, when we make that music/i have no fear, put it in my ear”
  6. The Love Language — “Heart To Tell”: i never had the heart to tell her/no, i never had the words to say
  7. Old 97s — “Champaign, Illinois”: oh, then if you die fearin’ God and painfully employed/you will not go to Heaven, you’ll go to Champaign, Illinois
  8. Carolina Chocolate Drops — “Hit ‘Em Up Style” (Blu Cantrell cover): so you better let him know that if he messed up you gotta hit ’em up
  9. Holy Ghost Tent Revival — “Northbound”: you, you should be next to me in the passenger seat
  10. The Old Ceremony — “Wither On The Vine”: and i don’t want to wither on the vine

Download a zip file of all 10 tracks [here].

Okay, now you go: what’s your favorite track of 2010?

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6 Comments Add yours

    1. listened to it on repeat today and basically just kept saying that to myself. 😀

  1. H. N. James says:

    I think it’s Robyn – Hang With Me.

    1. you raved about her to me earlier this year, and shame on me, i still haven’t investigated. on the list for early january!

  2. Martha says:

    By amount of listening, if it’s not Diamond Church Street Choir, it’s B.o.B.’s Airplanes song. Or maybe We Can Get Together, I kept putting that one on in the car going over bridges, idk.


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