ha ha tonka @ local 506

ha ha tonka @ local 506

This is a story about how I almost never heard my favorite album of 2009.

When I lived in Chicago, I fell in love with Bloodshot Records, outlaw country independent record label of my heart — like Suburban Home, like Merge, like Trekky, I trust Bloodshot to know what I like and to give it to me in the forms of artists I’ve never heard before. So I picked up a Ha Ha Tonka track on a comp here, another on a comp there, and I liked them well enough, but I didn’t really pay much attention to them.

And then Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South came out, and people I trust on the internet raved about it, and, basically, I am a stubborn asshole: I set my heels and decided to ignore this album. It couldn’t be that good. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Until I couldn’t ignore it anymore, because I don’t like to miss things that are amazing, and I threw up my hands and said “FINE!” and bought it from Bloodshot — and the first time I listened to it, I was so blown away that I cried straight through the album. I sat at my desk and wept. (My reaction to really, really amazing albums is to cry or to throw up. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, either.)

That’s how astonishing that album was. It is flawless, I cried straight through it, and when it was finished, I started it over.

It was the album I loved best in 2009.

ha ha tonka @ local 506

And they were so, so, so good last night. Good isn’t enough for it; it was an opening set, 45 minutes, torn through with the same kind of fire and passion that lives in their studio work, only wilder and more open. They did “Hangman” and “Pendergast Machine” a cappella, perfectly harmonized and startlingly lovely. A cappella four man harmony takes nuts, and they nailed it, raised goosebumps on my arms with “Pendergast Machine”. Brian played “Close Every Valve To Your Bleeding Heart” for me and — no surprise — I cried. “12-inch 3-speed Oscillating Fan” still rhymes fan with divan, possibly the most perfect rhyme in the history of the universe.

Once upon a time, a coworker of shep.’s described a mandolin part on an album as “using the mandolin as percussion”, and while it’s true on Ha Ha Tonka’s album, it’s the perfect description for Brett’s mandolin parts live in ways I can’t even begin to fathom; when the mandolin came in on “Close Every Valve” I sort of hiccuped and fell over sideways into Ash. Ha Ha Tonka gets such depth out of their four piece sound, out of acoustic guitars and mandolins and dry, thumping bass, and Lennon Bone’s riveting drumming. (No one else I’ve seen this year has played their kit with their hands when necessary. Awesome.)

Brian Roberts’ songwriting — which you can read about here, in Writers On Process’ great interview with him — is so intricate and intimate, Novel Sounds is so much an album that I associate with late nights alone with my headphones, that I almost feel it shouldn’t work as well, loud, breaking and shuddering over your head in a venue, as it does. But it does work, and while the crowd at the 506 last night for headliner Rocky Votolato was polite and interested (and I know the band walked off with at least half a dozen new fans), I’m pretty sure that nobody enjoyed that set more than Ash and I did.

Where “enjoy” is kind of a weak word for what I felt — I am lucky, in that in the last two weeks I have gotten to see, in Two Cow Garage and now Ha Ha Tonka, two of my very favorite bands that almost no one else has heard of, and I am particularly lucky in that both of those sets were absolutely flat-out flawless.

ha ha tonka @ local 506

Set list: Caney Mountain/Walking On The Devil’s Backbone/Made Example Of/Thoreau In The Woods/Word Climbing/St. Nick On The 4th In A Fervor/Hangman/Pendergast Machine/Close Every Valve To Your Bleeding Heart/12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan/Usual Suspects

“Made Example Of” and “Usual Suspects” are new songs, and holy crap, y’all, their new album, out next March, is going to be amazing. Ha Ha Tonka have another two weeks of tour dates opening for Rocky Votolato, and seriously, seriously: they are so fantastic, go see them, buy their stuff, tell them they’re awesome.

ha ha tonka @ local 506

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  1. prafeston says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. These are my boys!!

    1. They are fantastic, and I can’t wait for the new album!

  2. Ben Opipari says:

    Great interview and pictures, and thanks for linking to my interview. There is something hilarious about imagining someone liking an album so much that they throw up. Love it!

    1. Get used to the links — I’m going to be throwing them out whenever you have an applicable interview. 🙂

      I almost cut that aside about my less-than-normal reaction to things I love, but I’m glad it made you laugh. No idea why that’s my reaction to strong emotion, but there it is!

  3. Nice review and insight in your listening process 😀
    It’s not about “what took you so long” (Hey, what took you so long?) but the mere fact that you do love Ha Ha Tonka’s music!
    Novel Sounds has also been *my* fav 2009 album.
    Cheers from New York
    — Elke

    1. Thanks for reading!

      Novel Sounds had some competition — I was also terrifically fond of the new Lucero album, and the new Avett Bros — but in the end, I thought it was both the best AND my favorite of what was released. I was so happy to finally get to see them live. 🙂

  4. Z says:

    LOL! Love that you not only cried, but cried all the way through. Funny Stuff! Glad you like the music I hope you got to meet the band after the show they are all really great guys. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know them all decently well. Of course, it helps that Brett is my best friend. He had me crying a few weeks ago during his speech at my wedding. I think you are right about the next album it’s going to be Awesome! Great article!

    1. I did get to meet them; they are supremely excellent people, very funny and kind.

      Thanks for reading, and congratulations on your wedding!

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