the static minds @ kings

the static minds @ kings

the static minds @ kings

About halfway through the Static Minds’ set last night, I turned to t. and said, “All frontmen should come with hips and hair like Erik’s. It should be a requirement.” I know a lot of really great lead singers, lead guitarists, and Erik Sugg is among the best I’ve seen in the Triangle in forever. You shouldn’t be able to take your eyes off a great frontman, and I had a damn hard time with that last night — every time I turned around, or pointed the camera somewhere other than that center microphone, it seemed like he was doing something I wanted to take a picture of. (I can’t do that, though; when I’m working, I’ve got mental lists of shots I want, and nothing but 47,000 shots of a lead singer violate my rules.)

And the rest of his band aren’t slouches, either; the guys who make up the Static Minds are veterans and/or current members of a whole host of Triangle groups, and they are all fantastically talented musicians. You can’t pull off the kind of dirty, noisy, tightly played rock and roll that they play without having serious chops, and they pull it off with aplomb. They all own the stage when they’re playing.

the static minds @ kings

the static minds @ kings

This was just a great show; a supremely talented band. We’re so damn lucky, here, to have all these musicians who have landed here or stayed here, who just keep playing and playing for the love of it, because I’m constantly thinking that I can’t see someone better than [fill in any name here] at [doing something musical], and then I do. Joel Lindelof, for example, is one of the most automatic, driven drummers I’ve seen — to deliver rock like the ‘Minds do, you have to have a pinned down rhythm section like nobody’s business, and Lindelof and bassist Lucius Cyrus do just that.

Sometimes all there’s left to say is that you were thoroughly rocked, and a band is just flat-out fantastic. That’s what last night was about.

the static minds @ kings

I’ve seen some complaints from photographers that Kings is just too dark, and after my fourth show there in a month, after finally adjusting to the stage and the walls and where I have to set my white balance, I have to respectfully disagree. Kings is wicked dark just in general, yeah, but there’s light to be found on that stage, and it’s good, clean light. You just have to know where to look and how to meter. I had zero problems last night, and that was shooting a high energy band that moves around a lot; never felt like I had to sacrifice clarity for a slower shutter speed and better light, or available light for sharpness. Keep looking for that light. It’s there.

the static minds @ kings

I am guessing that you should eventually be able to buy Electricity from Custom Made Music here, but as of right now I think it’s only available from the band. If you like great rock and roll, though, bookmark that page, catch ’em live, and enjoy.

the loners @ kings

maldora @ kings

Maldora and the Loners opened. The Loners are super talented dudes, a really great band, and absolutely not my musical speed at all, unfortunately. Maldora is fantastic and if they don’t already have a record label, should be on Suburban Home Records, like, six months ago, and permanently opening for Two Cow Garage or something. I haven’t heard a local band who fits that perfect SH intersection of punk and twang that well pretty much ever.


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