dylan vs petty: birds & arrows

dylan vs petty: birds & arrows, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Since we are — *gulp* — in the back half of 2010, early contenders for my end-of-2010 top five albums:

  • The Black Keys — Brothers
  • Woodpigeon — Die Stadt Musikanten
  • Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed & the True Loves — Come And Get It
  • Gaslight Anthem — American Slang
  • Josh Ritter — So Runs The World Away

As usual: this list is ranked through a mix of quality and personal affection, that is to say it is not entirely subjective or objective. Personal discretion to replace any of the above at any time, especially once I get my hands on the supposedly upcoming Two Cow Garage. I have a soft spot for Micah and Shane being really talented, is all. Objective and subjective, that one.

So what 2010 releases are you loving?

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