chicks dig the long ball

baseball: unc @ duke, game two

Dear Nice Person Who Has This Week Repeatedly Googled For The Brand Of Baseball Bat That The UNC Baseball Team Uses:

Let me tell you what, after three years of concerted Baseball America podcast listening, I can recite the DeMarini Demo House and Easton buy-a-baseball-bat-from-us jingles along with John Manuel whenever I hear them. The DeMarini one is particularly irritating and insidious, because mostly it’s a stupid jingle and a stupid ad campaign, and I suspect BA listeners are, sadly, not exactly DeMarini’s target audience with it — at least when Easton was sponsoring the BA podcasts, I got to hear John tell me that chicks dig the long ball a couple of times a week, which was always funny.

In answer to your question: UNC is a Nike school. Nike makes bats. Let us all make an educated guess about who makes UNC’s bats!

Love and kisses,


P.S. You guys, I am totally entranced by this picture of Joba Chamberlain. He is my most favorite porkchop.

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