baseball: columbus clippers @ durham bulls, july ’10

Thirty five.

I am baffled by the Columbus Clippers. They are very, very good — they’re dominating their division in the International League by a fair margin — and yet their parent club, the Cleveland Indians, are very, very not good. (The Bulls are another story; the Bulls are very, very good because the Rays are also very, very good, and the Bulls are stocked with very good players for whom there is no space on the 25 man roster. There are very few other clubs who would still have Jeremy Hellickson making Triple A his bitch this late in the season, frankly. Although he did not make anyone his bitch last night. He throws hard, though, which I guess counts for something.) If you were the Indians, and your farm club was doing well and the big club was doing badly, I would try to shake things up! I would make bad MLB players go to Triple A and bring good Triple A players up!

This is probably why I’m not a MLB GM. For the record. Also, I totally would have fired Garrett Atkins way earlier than Andy McPhail did.

Anyway, they kicked the snot out of the Bulls last night. I tried not to creep the bullpen too hard while I was taking photos, but I couldn’t skip this one.

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