five guys: bacon cheese dog

bacon cheese dog at five guys

Where: Five Guys, the Streets at Southpoint, Durham, NC

What: a bacon cheese dog

Who: with shep., who was eating Chinese

Why: Five Guys is more famous for their burgers and fries than their hot dogs, but I’m a huge believer in their dogs. They split ’em in half and grill them with both halves face down on the grill, and then top them off with super crispy bacon and cheese. Pricier than most fast food, but also more delicious. I eat these all the time, so this doesn’t count toward my eat-a-hot-dog-in-every-state (North Carolina will be logged somewhere more special), but Five Guys bacon cheese hot dogs: highly recommended if you like, as shep. calls it, meat on your meat.

Grade: A-. For a fast food hot dog, it’s one of if not the best.

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  1. Maggie says:

    *drool* i didn’t know five guys did hot dogs!

    tonight, i will probably eat a hot dog (while watching a droolworthy pitching prospect), and will ‘toast’ you as i do so. 😀

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