superchunk @ the cradle

superchunk @ the cradle, originally uploaded by minervacat.

For Mac McCaughan, the hipsters dance. And scream. We got two encores last night and the crowd would have yelled for a third and a fourth, given the opportunity.

Superchunk’s got ten whole tour dates outside of the NC on the schedule for this year, and the internet is thrilled by this. I am thrilled for you, internets! Superchunk is still fucking amazing, and I think the new album is going to be a killer. But I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say: your Superchunk shows will be awesome, but they won’t have John Darnielle, and ours did.

Related to that last statement. Why I Live In The NC, Part 785: we’re the only people who get hometown Superchunk shows. And we always will be. (I’ve seen Superchunk three and a half times — and Portastatic twice — in the last three years, and I know I’ve missed a couple sets, as well.)

I have seen some great, great shows this year — Brian Fallon acoustic in DC, the Truckers’ two night stand in February, Frightened Rabbit — but dear sweet baby Jesus, last night was a contender for show of the year. The set list was composed of requests put together by a Merge staffer, and Mac and Jim both reminded us that it was an example of how bad things can suck if you haven’t played them in a while.

Superchunk didn’t suck one single bit last night. Easily the best show I’ve seen in weeks.

Setlist, courtesy @mergerecords: Tower, For Tension, Skip Steps 1 & 3, Learned To Surf, Digging For Something (feat. John Darnielle), Ribbon, Sidewalk, I Guess I Remembered It Wrong, Florida’s On Fire, Water Wings, Iron On, Package Thief, Everything At Once, Precision Auto. Encore 1: On The Mouth, From The Curve, Slack Motherfucker. Encore 2: Hyper Enough (feat. John Darnielle), Throwing Things.

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