baseball: wake forest @ unc, game 2

Twenty three.

A large part of Carolina’s problems this season can be linked to the fact that, before yesterday, they hadn’t won a game on a Saturday since March 20. It’s nice to go into Sunday knowing that you’ve already taken the series, and that, in all likelihood, your opponent, who is even more of a mess than you are, has trotted out the last weapon that they had and he threw 122 pitches yesterday, so probably you won’t have to see him again. (Aside from an unearned run on three errors and a solo home run, Austin Stadler shut the Heels down pretty damn well.)

Chris Munnelly is settling down into a really promising starter, and Colin Bates was absolutely beastly out of the bullpen. And we hit.

80% of my photos were out of focus, though. On the upside, it was also too hot to want to shoot much, so 80% was only about 40 shots.

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