baseball: ga tech @ unc, game one


Over the last few years, the Carolina baseball team has been on the winning side of plenty of games they had zero business winning; we had the lucky breaks, the clutch offense, and the bullpen to do it. This year our luck’s bad, our offense is young and vaguely anemic, and the few known quantity pieces of our bullpen remaining from last year start on Saturdays and Sundays instead of, you know, coming out of the bullpen. So we’ve been on the wrong side of those games, heartbreaking losses instead of breathtaking wins, a lot this year. Sometimes it happens.

I wasn’t particularly impressed by Deck McGuire, who doesn’t throw all that hard, has a weird hitchy motion, and hit three different Carolina batters. Sure, he held us to one run — but William & Mary shut us out earlier this year. Our offense, like I said above, can be real anemic and I suspect it was more that than McGuire’s dominance, though possibly I’m just bitter about the loss. Then again, what with the 11 strikeouts, I was almost on the Matt Harvey train last night, finally, but then he walked in the winning run and I remembered that he’s averaging more than 6BB/9IN in his UNC career and so we just stood on the platform and watched that one pass on by.

You can’t put all the blame on the pitcher in a game like that, because we blew a lot of opportunities to break the game open offensively, but when the winning run walks in, after two other walks that inning, well, I’m still not on that train yet, and Matt Harvey, I am looking at you, you punk.

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