los campesinos! — romance is boring

Los Campesinos!, Romance Is Boring. Out 2/1, Arts & Crafts.

Ooooh, such a pretentious hipster band, and yet I adore them — the hand claps, the fuzzy distorted guitar and thumping basslines, the charmingly twee vocals. They remind me a little of the aesthetic behind Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, though I occasionally question if it’s the sound and subject or the Welsh accents that make me think that. I wouldn’t say any of it’s deep or meaningful music, but it’s the sort of music that makes me happy to listen to even when the subject material is audibly depressing as shit. So I guess SYGC is a good comparison: shimmering rough-edged pop songs about horrible things and how hard life can be, that leave me feeling happy and cheerful.

If you enjoyed Los Campesinos!’s first two albums, you’ll dig Romance Is Boring; it’s a more grown-up, more complex rendering of their sound. There’s nothing new here, just a band growing up into themselves.

[Los Campesinos! — “Romance Is Boring”] 6MB, .mp3.

Clearing out some links so I can close some tabs: a great interview with Glossary frontman Joey Kneiser; the Low Anthem doing “This God Damn House” as a La Blogotheque Takeaway Show; and the Avett Brothers are going to be on Ace of Cakes this week, which is just fantastic.

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